Drink Your
Mule 2.0
Moscow Mule
Right from the can
Pour it over ice
into a Copper Mug
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Moscow Mule!!

  • 8% by volume spirits (Grain Neutral Spirits)
  • Crafted in the spirit of original Moscow Mule circa 1941
  • Spirits based ready to drink Moscow Mule
  • Authentic flavor to the original cocktail
  • Natural Ginger, Lemon-Lime flavors
  • Crisp, Refreshing lightly carbonated ginger-citrus bite
  • Available as 12 oz. (355 ml) singles at certain locations or 4 pack
  • Gluten Free

Mules Of All Kind

Mule 2.0 can be used to make any variation of Mule. Combine Mule 2.0 with your favorite Irish Whiskey to make an Irish Mule, with Bourbon to make a Kentucky Mule, with Gin to make a London Mule, and with Tequila to make a Mexican Mule. Or you can add your favorite vodka to it to make it a slightly stronger Moscow Mule. Have a Mule party!